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Fortune… the word says it all. Every person in the whole world is eager to know that what is in their future life. What is written by god in his / her fortune? In whatever field they are every person wants to know about their future. Sometimes they go to astrologers or tarot card readers for knowing the happening s of the future. But I want to say that these things are just superstitious. No one can predict the accurate happenings of your future. You are the one who is responsible for your future. But something’s will force you to believe that if your good luck is with you than you can change your future from your present work. When you are the person who loves to gamble then you need good luck more than anyone else because you are earning money on the sake of the luck.

and if you don’t want to take risk then you must go for free slots with free spins, there are plenty of slot machines like wheres the gold and cleopatra that offer you to win more money with minimum risk to lose anything. that’s the best scenario if you want to play them for fun with no download and the best thing is that you can easily get more free pokies online if you dug a little deep.

I am a gaming lover, who loves to play online. In the starting when I started playing I won lots of cash. This winning made me crazy for these. I had craze at so much height that I was playing it day and night. But you don’t know when your luck started to decline. Same happened with me I started losing and lose that much amount, literally I was going to be a bankrupt. So, one day I was relaxing in my house. Lying on the bed and watching national geographic channel. That was my favorite channel. So, on that day it was featuring a documentary over the persons who changed their fortune by overcoming the bad stages in their life. I was not at that stage but I want to know that how anyone can able to do it. I watched the whole documentary and after watching it according to my schedule I opened the mobile app on which I play daily.

That day I decided not to play my routine games I want to try something new so I searched for the word fortune there. It came with the search result fortune finder. I never played that game so I decided to play it. Before playing I want to know everything about it. I read all the reviews written by the players and watched a video displayed there. It was not too much different from those which I played on the regular basis. I started playing and made my first bet. I lost that and started thinking that that was my time of bad luck. But luck can change at any time. So, happened with me I won that chance that too with the bonus amount. I made 8000 bucks in a single bet. I won next 2-3 bets also. After that I decided to play in the jackpot chance. And you don’t believe that it was worth it. I won the jackpot money. That play changed my fortune. After that I played in many competition and made lots of money. This is totally worth of its name.