In casino jargon, bonuses – also called promotions – are incentives that online and in-game gaming rooms provide their players to keep them active and attract a much larger audience. There are many types, and winning them can be really easy as long as the conditions established by the game are respected.

From the slots to the gaming tables, the intention of the bonuses is to promote the brand of the casino and extend it to a much more relaxed audience. Considering the amount, the opportunities and discounts that can be obtained, a person will decide if the game room he has chosen is the one that suits him best.

Among the most popular bonuses in online casinos, those that do not merit deposit take the lead. One is awarded per player, and it is practically the policy that governs these bonuses.

This happens for casino convenience. That is, there are bonuses for which players must offer some money, while those for free registration are, as the name implies, free of charge. For a bettor who starts online gambling, this is a way to hook him up faster. However, the maximum is one bonus per person.

On the other hand, with the registration bonuses, the casinos tend to be meticulous about the personal information of the players. This means that if someone is presented with a false name, insurance can never touch a single cent of those bonuses.

Some smart players will think they can cheat by registering under different names within online casinos, but even software is designed to protect against scams. Each developer adopts practically insurmountable security measures.

So, in addition to the registration vouchers -with their free condition-, there are others that online casinos offer; and towards which the players should pay the same interest. Before rejecting a promotion because it means giving the game room a contribution, they must stop to think that it can be the salvation card when they are close to bankruptcy.

Requirements to get a bonus from an online casino

Identifying yourself with honesty is the first step to opt for a bonus within online casinos, especially when it comes to registering financial information – account number or credit card.

When it comes to real money, casinos do not joke. Therefore, it is completely natural that they ask for more in-depth information: address, telephone number, zip code and, in some cases, invoices or domestic invoices.

On the other hand, before even thinking about getting a promotion or bonus for your favorite online games, bettors should find out about which games admit those discounts, because at the time of playing they will begin claims on their part. Complaints that the casino will not take into account if it realizes that it is a player’s fault.

Also, they must stay alert to the limits of bets that must be made to collect the bonus. For example, if a player makes a profit of $10,000 playing blackjack, the funds will disappear if he does not meet the requirements of the bonus.

In some cases, the players deposit 100 dollars and with the bonus they double the amount, getting to their credit 200 dollars. However, if that extra money must be spent in 10 rounds of 20 dollar bets and it turns out that in the fourth round they make substantial money, they must remain in the game until they have used up the entire bonus.

In the case of not respecting that rule, the casino is not obliged to pay any amount. For this reason, gamers around the world recommend reading carefully what conditions are being accepted and what rights are lost when receiving any kind of bonus.

Bonus without deposit

Obviously, it is a bonus in which no contribution should be made. Simply register at an online casino game to receive it. It is the simplest promotion that can exist inside a game room, automatically credited in the balance of each bettor.

There are some exceptions, guided by the policies of online casinos. According to these, players must request their voucher without deposit via e-mail and, only after confirming their identity and other data provided, the figure is credited to the available balance to play.

As in all cases, it never hurts to read the limitations of the terms and conditions that these sites always offer. Generally, it is oriented to money, that is, the sum that can be withdrawn in each game when there is a bonus without deposit present. In the case that the rule does not exist, the players must make the deposit of a considerable amount before receiving the amount won.

Starting bonus

This is the bonus of the percentages. It basically consists in that the casino offers an index of the money deposited. In the event that a person starts with $100, the game room can return one hundred percent of that amount. That is to say, in the credit of the player, there will now be $200.

This type of promotion helps a lot to extend the bankruptcy limit of each player; that’s why it’s given to first-time players, and to veterans when they know how to use them.

The only negative aspect of this bonus is its limit. This means that if the bonus cannot be extended more than $200 if a player deposits 400 as the first installment, the figure will not double, only 200 dollars more will be accumulated in his balance – that is, 50 percent of the bet.

Exclusive bonus

Only some websites have the authorization to lend their players the service of this bonus, and the reason is very valid: they are much higher than those normally paid.

For the most privileged gamblers, versed in most online casino games, this is not a big risk, so the level of exclusivity is maintained according to the experience and expectations that the players meet.

As in the previous ones, it is very important that the users take the time to read the terms and conditions established in this bonus, especially because it will be very helpful when collecting the winnings they get in their games.

Online casinos generally recommend this bonus to those bettors who favor poker, blackjack, and baccarat. With gambling, due to their condition, the risks of losing a lot of money increase. These sums do not benefit the casino, much less the players.

“Sticky” and loyalty bonuses

The first is, perhaps, the most complicated to understand and to which very few players pay attention. These basically consist of the casino providing free money to play but, once the game ends, they will not be able to collect the amount equivalent to the bonus.

In the event that a casino releases $3,000 to a player, and this player earns $2,000, there will not be a total sum. In fact, it is likely that with tax expenses, you will be able to charge a little less than the net figure you earned.

Finally, loyalty is very well appreciated by online casinos, and status can help some players get special bonuses.

They do not necessarily have to be money figures; they can be free throws, special conditions before starting a game and, in the best of cases, the possibility of playing at no cost.