The Real Fun of 7 Sultans Casino

For the person who loves to spend some time online in search of some entertainment, online casinos are the best option. That’s why this industry shows a very big boom in recent times. In some countries it is legal and in some countries playing these are illegal. But its popularity is similar all over the globe. In the past when mainly land based stations was preset. At that time it was not that much easy to visit there. But, due to the involvement of internet in our life everything becomes easy. I am also the one who is in the fan list of these. I am crazy for these. My love for this was 5 year old. I want to give the whole credit of my love for this to my best friend. He was the one who created an interest in me regarding these.

The story goes way back in my college time. I and my friend mark were studying in the same class. I was always busy in playing cricket. I love those games that were played in the field instead of playing on the tip of my fingers on my cellphone or on my mobile. One day I had a cricket match in my college but due to rain it was called off. I was sitting in my college canteen with mark. I was sad because of the suspension of the match. Mark knows everything about me so asked my why you are so much sad because of the match. Let’s try new thing today. He handed his mobile phone to me. He opened an android application that was of 7 Sultans slot machine. He explained all the playing rules and regulations to me. After that he asked me to try with the new account because his account was premium one. And he doesn’t want that he lose money due to me. He asked me to sign up on that. After creating an account I got the 50 free spins as the bonus. After that he started explaining the way of playing. After playing 2-3 chances I started feeling like an expert. It was started appearing very entertaining to me. I downloaded its application on my android phone. And from that I became fan of it. Now I regularly spend some time there. Cricket is still my first love but this is my friend when I was free at my home.

Spending a Day with Adventure Palace Casino

As a business entrepreneur I have to visit many countries due to business meetings. I started my business 10 years back. And you know that at the starting stage of the business you have to work very hard to be successful. You need lots of hard work in the whole life but at starting it needs much more than that. When I was at the starting stage of my business I was not able to find some time for myself. I was far away from any entertainment and vacations. So, visiting casino is just parallel to the impossible. But you never know that what is about to happen in your life. You have to clash with the thing for which you never think of. Same happened with me when I was in Mexico.

That was the year of 2008. I got a proposal for a business deal from a very big company of Mexico. I don’t want that this deal will slip out of my hands. So, I talked with the company representatives and fixed a meeting with them. And I reached there according to the proposed schedule. I have a week long schedule for it. But our deal was finalized in our first meeting on the first day. So, I have remaining 6 days in which I don’t have any work. So, I decided why not to spend some leisure time at this one of the most exotic places. I want to spend my vacations on the Mexico beach. I was enjoying a lot than my trip advisor advised me to try a hand on the casino. I didn’t reply anything to him but at night when I was lying in my hotel room I started searching for it.

When I googled about it I found many options regarding this. But I don’t have any knowledge about it. In that search I was reached at the Roxy Palace website. I looked at many games present there. In this long list a very alluring name appeared in front of me that is Adventure Palace. I started searching some information about it. I read all information present over there. I read the user reviews regarding this. After getting all necessary information I started playing the free option of it. I created a free account and after this I got free bonus coins. I started spinning the machine after making my first bet. I was enjoying the fun of it. I spend 2-3 overs there. That was my first encounter with it but not the last one. From that day I became a fan of it. Now as I got some free time in my busy schedule I started playing it.

Played Baccarat with My Boss

Baccarat I really an amazing slot game that every gambling loving person should play at least once in his life time. The games played on baccarat are real games that truly got the class and royalty that is the reason I prefer playing it with senior I got from the office. Actually I came to know about this game from my boss. One night he invited me over for dinner, he was all tired from the office chit chat and wanted a break from all that stuff. So he introduced me with his favorite pass time the online gambling and asked me if I would like to join him.

I hesitated at first, but later after some drink I decided to give it a try. And with hallucination of the drinks I really made an announcement the same on the social media as well. Then my boss gave me the chance to make selection of the one I want to play. And I handpicked a lovely one out of the suggestion he gave.

It was called the baccarat dragon bonus, the one we played that night. it has been a very popular trend for ages and as it is a table game that has turned into one of the most played and talked about games in the industry, my boss also told me some stories of some people who won over $ 10 million by playing baccarat, it was so annoying for the casino authorities that even they rejected to pay the money for that particular session, Which almost questioned the whole system.?

Then we dropped the glasses and got back to the talk finally for which he invited me over. He then served me the food he cooked himself. The whole thing went very pleasant as I was pretty nervous in the beginning since it was the first unofficial meeting with him.