I am telling the story of my friend’s marriage. The marriage was in Australia. I got the address and reached there to attend him. I stayed in a hotel which was hired by him. I found that the hotel was at a beach. I reached there one day before so I spent some time at the beach. Then I came back to hotel and took the lunch. I found that all members were busy in organizing the party. So I helped them. After some time I got bored. All were busy and I had no friend there to pass the time. But I had my smartphone so I decided to search for fun on the internet. Actually I was searching for a game to play. Suddenly my search stopped. I found an app named as Asian Beauty on a website. It was based on the dressings and colors. It means you have to try out the best dressing. I was curious to play it because through this I was able to know the perfect dressing sense and hair styles.

So I took a stab at investigating the web to get moment free casino games that can offer me some free twists and I discovered some mainstream recreations like wheres cleopatra, the gold, Asian magnificence And more, at that time i was in a marriage ceremony. as a matter of fact I was searching for some fun and get a few thoughts with it. what’s more, eventually I got one site that was putting forth no store reward and download to appreciate it.

I make up my mind to play it. In it you have a lot of different Asian colors and culture dress. You have to use these to dress up three girls. It was so amazing for me because this was going to help me for the marriage party dress. It has 5 reels and 243 ways to win in three rows. When you win the jackpot you win twenty free coins. At each level you have to choose the best Asian culture colors and dress to dress up the girls. You don’t worry about to pay cash. At the start you will be provided free spins to play. In the whole night I played this. I won many bonus and free spins. I tried best combinations there and got the jackpot. It was the best experience for me as a dressing master. I enjoyed a lot with it. It’s true this is an amazing game.

As I got the idea of the dressings and I applied it on my friends and on me too. This was incredible for me all were looking so beautiful in that dressing. When they asked me about it I told him about it. From that day they are enjoying it. The updated version of Asian beauty is so good. It has good quality of sounds and graphics features. Now my all friends use this. I didn’t believe that I can found such thing. Play it and becomes a fashion designer. No doubt you will love to play it.